Civil Court Rules and Jury Charges

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

PRELIMINARY CHARGE Model Jury charge NJ 1.11

 PRELIMINARY CHARGE Model Jury charge NJ 1.11                    

              [To be given after the jury is sworn in but before the openings.]
         G.      Settling Defendants[1]
When this case started, plaintiff claimed that                                 was a cause of the accident.  Before the trial started,                                  settled with plaintiff and for that reason will no longer be involved in this trial.
The effect of that settlement on the parties still here is of no concern to you at the present time and you should not speculate about that.  I will explain the effect that settlement will have on your deliberations at the end of the case.

     [1]      See Model Civil Charge 1.17 entitled "Instructions to Jury in Cases in Which One or More Defendants Have Settled With the Plaintiff" for use in this charge.