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Friday, January 23, 2015

NJAC 8:26-5.1 Specially exempt pool facilities SUBCHAPTER 5. WATERFRONT SAFETY

NJAC 8:26-5.1 Specially exempt pool facilities SUBCHAPTER 5. WATERFRONT SAFETY
(a) Specially exempt facilities shall be exempt from mandatory compliance with the first aid personnel and lifeguard provisions of this subchapter at N.J.A.C. 8:26-5.2(b), (b)1, (d), and (e); 5.6(b); 5.7(a); 5.8(b) and (b)1; and 5.10(b), (b)1, (c) and (e). This exception shall not apply to specially exempt facilities which use ocean waters for bathing. For purposes of this subchapter, invited guests may include occupants or tenants who by affirmative designation by the specially exempt facility through bathing place rules, association rules and bylaws, and lease agreements, are granted such status and corresponding responsibilities normally associated with that of an invited guest.
(b) Specially exempt facilities which do not voluntarily comply with the provisions in (a) above shall post a sign at least three feet by four feet in size. This sign shall be prominently displayed at every entrance to each swimming area and shall state:
"No lifeguard on duty."
"Persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult."
"No swimming alone."
(c) At campgrounds, hotels, motels, mobile home

parks or retirement communities, the sign shall also state:
"This swimming area shall be closed when the owner or manager is not on the premises."
The notice shall also be posted on a sign at least eight inches by 10 inches in size at the registration desk and in each guest room or suite of the campground, hotel or motel used for occupancy by guests.