Civil Court Rules and Jury Charges

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Friday, January 23, 2015

8:26-8.9 Pool Recordkeeping

8:26-8.9 Pool  Recordkeeping
(a) Accurate and complete records shall be maintained and kept on the premises and shall be available upon request of the authorized agent or the health authority. Such records shall be kept for a minimum of one year, except those records related to deaths, all injuries to the head, neck and spinal cord and any injury rendering a person unconscious shall be kept for 10 years, and shall include:
1. Water analyses results;
2. Sanitary survey records;
3. Daily number of bathers;
4. Copies of all necessary credentials of

personnel associated with the public recreational bathing operation(s);
5. Accidents requiring external emergency

services, including the patient's name, time, date, description of occurrence, treatment, action taken, and name of person on duty supervising the facility;
6. Deaths and/or drownings. The record shall include the name of the person, the date, and a description of the occurrence; and
7. Inspection logs of recreational equipment.