Civil Court Rules and Jury Charges

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

2A:23A-21. Filing

2A:23A-21. Filing
Submission of a controversy to arbitration shall toll the statute of limitations for filing an action until the filing of the arbitration decision in accordance with section 6 of this act.

L. 1987,c.329, s.2.

2A:23A-22. Arbitrators
a. The number or selection of arbitrators may be stipulated by mutual consent of all of the parties to the action, which stipulation shall be made in writing prior to or at the time notice is given that the controversy is to be submitted to arbitration. The assignment judge shall approve the arbitrators agreed to by the parties, whether or not the designated arbitrators satisfy the requirements of subsection b. of this section, upon a finding that the designees are qualified and their serving would not prejudice the interest of any of the parties.

b. If the parties fail to stipulate the number or names of the arbitrators, the arbitrators shall be selected, in accordance with rules of court adopted by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, from a list of arbitrators compiled by the assignment judge, to be comprised of retired judges and qualified attorneys in this State with at least seven years' negligence experience and recommended by the county or State bar association.

L. 1987,c.329, s.3.

2A:23A-23. Compensation for arbitrators
Compensation for arbitrators shall be set by the rules adopted by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. The Supreme Court may also establish a schedule of fees for attorneys representing the parties to the dispute and for witnesses in arbitration proceedings subject to the provisions of N.J.S. 59:9-5. Attorney's fees may exceed these limits upon application made to the assignment judge in accordance with the Rules Governing The Courts of the State of New Jersey for the purpose of determining a reasonable fee in light of all the circumstances.

The Supreme Court may adopt rules governing offers of judgment by the claimant or defendant prior to the start of arbitration, including the assessment of the costs of arbitration proceedings and attorney's fees, where an offer is made but refused by the other party to the controversy.