Civil Court Rules and Jury Charges

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

2A:19-32. Landlord's rights where assignor's goods removed

2A:19-32. Landlord's rights where assignor's goods removed
If the tenant, his assignee, or any other person, shall remove any goods and chattels from the demised premises, after the assignment, the landlord, at any time within 40 days after such removal, may seize such goods and chattels in whosesoever hands the same may be found, as a distress for his rent, and proceed with the same in the manner directed by law concerning distresses, whether the rent by the terms of the lease be due or not, making a rebate on the sum not due, as is required where a party suing out execution pays rent not due to the landlord.

A:19-33. Assignee to proceed to make dividends
If no exceptions to any claim or demand are filed, or in case any exceptions are filed, then after they have been adjudicated or settled, the assignee shall proceed to make, from time to time, fair and equal dividends among said creditors from the assets which shall come to hand in proportion to their claims.

L.1951 (1st SS), c.344.

2A:19-34. Partial distribution
The court, in its discretion, on the application of the assignee or any person in interest, from time to time, may direct such partial distribution from the assets in hand to those creditors whose claims are not in dispute as may safely be made, reserving at all times sufficient assets to secure, after all the claims shall have been adjudicated and finally settled, an equal and proportionate distribution according to the intent of this chapter.