Civil Court Rules and Jury Charges

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Evidence Rule 1001. Definitions

Evidence Rule 1001. Definitions

   For purposes of this article the following definitions are applicable:

      (a)   Writings. --"Writings," which include recordings, are defined in Rule 801(e).

      (b)   Photographs. --"Photographs" include still photographs, X-ray films, video tapes, motion pictures and similar forms of reproduced likenesses.

      (c)   Original. --An "original" of a writing is the writing itself or any counterpart intended by the person or persons executing or issuing it to have the same effect. An "original" of a photograph includes the negative or any print therefrom. If data are stored by means of a computer or similar device, any printout or other output readable by sight, shown to reflect the data accurately, is an "original."

      (d)   Duplicate. --A "duplicate" is a counterpart produced by the same impression as the original, or from the same matrix, or by means of photography, including enlargements and reductions, or by mechanical or electronic re-recording, or by chemical reproduction, or by other equivalent technique which accurately reproduces the original.