Civil Court Rules and Jury Charges

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NJSA 2A:17-19. Amount; exceptions

NJSA 2A:17-19. Amount; exceptions
Goods and chattels, shares of stock or interests in any corporation and personal property of every kind, not exceeding in value, exclusive of wearing apparel, $1,000.00, and all wearing apparel, the property of a debtor shall be reserved, both before and after his death, for his use or that of his family or his estate, and shall not be liable to be seized or taken by virtue of any execution or civil process whatever, issued out of any court of this State.

Nothing herein contained shall be deemed or held to protect from sale under execution or other process any goods, chattels or property, for the purchase whereof the debt or demand for which the judgment on which such execution or process was issued, shall have been contracted, or to apply to process issued for the collection of taxes or assessments.